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Will I be charged for use of informers?

No. All forex informers are free.

2) How many informers can I install on one page?

There are no limits for embedment of informers in one page.

3) How often is the information of informers updated?

It depends on the type of an informer. Quotation informer is updating online. News informers can delay updating for several minutes.

4) Do I need to have the programming skills for placing informer on the page?

No, because all informers are adjusted on the setting page. You only need to copy the code of an informer to your website.

5) May I modify the code of an informer?

Modification of an informer’s code is prohibited and can lead to failure in its functioning. In case the Administration of the project detects the change of an informer’s code, it reserves the right to forbid this website from receiving the data.

6) How can I thank the project for an informer?

We do not accept any payments. However, the team of would appreciate your recommendation on forum or to friends.

7) What should I do if I have some problems with embedment of an informer?

You have to contact the Support Service by e-mail: